Ice cream–a blessing in disguise

The Google ice cream was the ultimate blessing in disguise. I was initially upset that she had deviated from the low carb plan–I thought she didn’t understand the fact that a scoop of ice cream would temporarily negate all the benefits of becoming a “fat burner,” and it would take several days to get back to the same place.  On Atkins type eating plans, people can choose to start in an initial very low carbohydrate phase (called “Induction” by Atkins) that accelerates the process of changing over from burning primarily carbohydrate for energy to burning primarily fat for energy.  If you consume a lot of carbohydrate in this phase, you quickly reverse the process and go back to burning carbohydrate.

But the effect of the ice cream was so dramatic and so negative, she now finds it pretty easy to adhere to the low carb eating plan. She knows she will feel badly if she eats a high-carbohydrate food. She feels GREAT eating low carb. Her energy is high all day, a big improvement and a big change.

A lesson from ice cream

We live in the heart of Silicon Valley. Seven days after starting the low carb eating, Juliana took a field trip with her class to the Google campus in Mountain View.

Google has what they call the 150/15 rule.  The 150 is the number of feet you are from food anywhere on the Google campus, and the 15 is the number of pounds you gain your first year working there.    So, naturally, the field trip to Google included ice cream.

Juliana ate a scoop, came home, and lay on the couch the rest of the day.  She felt slightly nauseous. She had to cancel a homework appointment with a classmate. At first she thought she was tired because they had walked around Google so much. I didn’t think so.

The zap of sugar to her system caused a spike of insulin which in turn caused her body to store all the ice cream energy in fat cells, leaving none for Juliana to use.  After only 7 days of low carb eating, her system couldn’t handle a scoop of ice cream.  Then I knew we were really onto something.