Naturopath #2

The mother of a friend of Juliana’s at school who has had terrible skin issues recommended another naturopathic doctor to me.  The Mom described the doctor as a “detective,” she just keeps asking questions and investigating until she figures it out.  She was able to vastly improve the teen’s skin problems, and is still working on it.

I had an introductory phone call.  These phone calls are usually for people who don’t know anything about naturopathy, so that they don’t show up at the appointment expecting the standard 10 minute office visit and an Rx.  I explained to Dr. Seddig that I knew all about naturopathy, and was calling her because the naturopathic physician we were working with seemed to be out of ideas.  I briefly explained Juliana’s history and asked her if she knew of other things that might be causing Juliana’s issues that hadn’t yet been identified.  She said yes, she could think of lots of other things to investigate that hadn’t been tried yet.

Our intake appointment was two hours long.  Questions included a battery of chemical smells, such as “new car smell;” gasoline; cigarette smoke; and nail polish and whether Juliana liked them, disliked them, or didn’t care.  She asked about Juliana’s circadian rhythm and whether she was tired after eating any of her meals.  She asked about pregnancy or birth complications–at first I couldn’t think of any but then remembered that Juliana had had an unusual blood level of something for which they whisked her away for a transfusion after birth.  I had to go look up the diagnosis and the procedure–don’t know yet if Dr. Seddig will find any clue there.

She concluded by saying that Juliana clearly has some hormonal issue.  She ordered an adrenal function test and a glucose tolerance test.  Juliana had her blood tested before and after eating a meal of a McDonald’s pancake, 1 syrup, and 1 hash brown square.  (Needless to say, she felt sick after the meal and had to lie down for a few hours).  The adrenal function test collected spit specimens four times a day at particular times of day and at a certain amount of time after waking and before eating.

We don’t have the results in yet.  As I wait, I found another fascinating and relevant book, that I’ll review next.


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