Chef loses 55 pounds by, yes, cutting carbs

Here’s another one like the Paula Deen story:

How did a professional chef lose 55 pounds? Jesse Schenker, chef at Recette, consulted Dr. Stephen Gullo, a psychologist. “Dr. Gullo told the chef that he was a “finisher,” someone for whom mere contact with a basket of bread, a box of doughnuts or a bag of Pepperidge Farm Goldfish would lead, inevitably, to the inhaling of its complete contents.” And what are all those foods? Refined carbohydrates.

And what did Dr. Gullo say Mr. Schenker could eat? Protein and fat: “The trick was to provide Mr. Schenker with something different to inhale. Sugar and other carbohydrates were out. Certain fats were discouraged. Shrimp, salmon, egg whites and Greek yogurt were in.”

Mr. Schenker says: ““I’m still a finisher and I’m still eating at 1 in the morning,” he said. What he’s eating, though, might be a big bowl of shrimp.”

Not only that, but Mr. Schenker regularly goes on eating tours of New York to check out the competition. The article describes him visiting 5 restaurants and eating at each–heading home, comfortably full, after midnight.

Exercise?  Not so much. “Trips to the gym are not part of Mr. Schenker’s repertory; he tried that and didn’t like it.”

Notwithstanding eating research and no exercise, the chef has lost a fifth of his body weight.  And what has he cut out?  Carbs.  Am I the only one who is seeing low carb everywhere?



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