Paula Deen goes low carb

Has anyone else noticed that Paula Deen, a celebrity chef who is known for creating things like a cheeseburger sandwiched between two donuts, has gone low carb?  And lost 40 pounds?  She and her family are on the cover of People magazine this week.  After developing Type II diabetes, she cut way back on carbohydrates.  Now a half slice of bread is a big treat.  One of her sons’ comments in the article that everything he used to eat with bread he now eats with lettuce instead.  Sounds at least less-carb to me.  They mention other factors, like portion control.

Portion control and low carb eating go hand-in-hand.  It’s much easier to control your portions eating in a low carb style.  It’s very hard to drastically overeat meat and vegetables, whereas it’s easy to eat an entire box of cookies or a whole loaf of bread.  Not sure the Deens realize it, but they’ve joined the low carb club.

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