I think of myself as Juliana’s coach

There’s a bit of a fad now about parents who have been successful at forcing their children to lose weight with “strict and punishing” methods.  While the daughter in the article, now 8, is a healthy weight, you have to wonder if the mother’s methods are going to come back to haunt her later.

To me, it makes more sense to think of yourself as a coach.  No child or teen wants to be overweight.  If you provide them a path to a healthy weight that doesn’t require semi-starvation, they will embrace it.  The key is low carb eating–but there are many other things you may need to tweak.  Juliana’s weight loss was abruptly halted by allergy medications.  It took me 6 weeks to figure out that they were a problem.  Another time we decided she needed to drink much more water, and that got her weight loss going again.  In the Calories In/Calories Out model, these sort of hidden obstacles to weight loss do not get much attention.

Before she started eating low carb, I used to worry about everything she ate, and hope she would eat smaller portions.  Now, we think of weight loss as a big puzzle.  We need to continuously work on the the puzzle to get her to a healthy weight.  I keep reading, and make suggestions of new things to try.

The mother in the above article, Dara-Lynn Weiss, reportedly once tried the Atkins eating plan.  I’m willing to bet she didn’t do it correctly, or she would have finally understood what she had gone through with all the different diets she had tried, and what was going on with her daughter’s huge appetite.

Your child isn’t going to become an expert on low carb eating without your help.  As the coach, you need to learn everything you can to help your child work out his or her own weight loss puzzle.

2 thoughts on “I think of myself as Juliana’s coach

  1. I am STUNNED. LOVE your blog! Honestly, I searched Google for “lowcarbkids” because my daughter and I want to start our own low carb blog for kids. I cannot believe what I am reading….it feels like the Star Trek episode about the parallel universe LOL.

    My daughter is 9 and was diagnosed with Type1 diabetes in January. I am a type 2 and have followed Dr. Richard K. Bernstein (The Diabetes Solution) for a few years. If you are not aware of Bernstein, he advocates a Very Low Carb diet for diabetics…all types. He is a type 1 and had achieved NORMAL blood sugar levels for the past 40 years or so.

    Please let your daughter know that her metabolism difficulties are NOT her fault….I’m sure you already do…..but take me….I have been thin and athletic my whole life…….and got diabetes? And since I have been living with it for years now, my kids have always eaten well……now my daughter has type 1. We are seven months in and I am just getting over my grief……which is why we thought about a blog too……we wanted to share this vital info with others.

    The low carb way of eating is literally saving our lives!

    • Hi Diane,
      Nice to meet you! Juliana’s best friend has type 1 diabetes, for about 1.5 years, and as I’ve learned more about it I’ve really been wondering about carb restriction for type 1 diabetic kids. Go ahead and start your own blog with the diabetes “twist.” I’d love to read more about it!

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