Plan ahead, and pack your meals

We have a busy family life with lots of activities.  I used to pack low-calorie high-carb meals.  Now I pack low-carb meals.  The packing hasn’t changed, but the planning has.

For a teenager, you always want snacks in the fridge she can grab and eat.  Juliana’s favorites are crust-less quiche (eggs, sausage, broccoli, sometimes cheese); and deviled eggs (boiled eggs, slice in half, mash the yolks with mayo, salt, pepper, and if you have time, home-cooked bacon bits).  Cheese and salami, or cheese and turkey, or cheese and your favorite deli meat (make sure it’s low carb, many aren’t!) roll ups are also a good option.  Juliana doesn’t like nuts, but if your child does, almonds are a great option.  Roasted salted are ok, rather than raw, but don’t overdo it–an ounce of almonds is a good-size snack.  They are easy to overeat if your child likes salty crunchy snacks.

For lunch, I usually pack last night’s dinner leftovers, reheated in the microwave and sent in a thermos pack.  I make sure to cook enough the night before that I’ll have lunch ready to go the next day.  With a couple of deviled eggs for snack time.  And two quart bottles of water.

If you’re on the road at dinner time, it’s the same drill.  Quiche is a really easy thing to pack for dinner, because it has a good balance of fat, protein, and carbohydrate (mostly from low carb vegetables) in one compact package.

If you do have to eat out, it’s a lot easier to eat out low carb than low calorie in a restaurant.  I don’t recommend a fast food hamburger (minus the bun and ketchup) because the quality of the meat is so low, but in a pinch, even that will do, perhaps with a fast-food salad on the side (skip the high-carb dressing).

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