Quality of protein matters

What kind of meat and eggs you buy matters in how healthy your eating plan is. The lower quality sources of animal protein can be “Franken-foods,” where the manner in which the animals are raised so alters the nutritional composition of the food that it is not particularly healthy or downright unhealthy.

An organic egg, for instance, is pretty much a perfect food. It has the perfect one-to-one ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 fat, and it’s packed with protein and other nutrients. But a factory-farmed egg contains as much as 19 times more omega-6 than omega-3 fatty acids, making it downright unhealthy.  Remember when eggs were vilified as dangerous for your health?  That was true, but not because of the cholesterol.  It was and is true because of the imbalance of fatty acids, which is brought about by the way in which the chickens are cared for.  (Feed Your Kids Well, p. 84).

Similarly, grass-fed beef and dairy products derived from grass-fed cows are better for you than grain-fed, because cows evolved to eat grass, not grain.  The meat from a grass-fed cow is nutritionally different from the meat from a grain-fed cow.

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