But aren’t low carb diets high in fat?

Low carb diets are high in fat–can that be safe?  When you eliminate carbohydrates, some of the food may be replaced by protein, but most of it should be replaced by fat. (It is not wise to try to eat a low carb, low fat diet, because you will end up on a high protein diet, which is not a good idea).

Fat is bad, right?  You are what you eat?  No, ”you are what your body chooses to store from what you eat.”  (Westman, Dr. Eric C.; Phinney, Dr. Stephen D.; Jeff S. Volek (2010-02-17). The New Atkins for a New You (p. 49). Simon & Schuster, Inc.. Kindle Edition).  On a low carbohydrate eating plan, your body doesn’t choose to store fat as fat, rather it uses fat as fuel, and fat is your friend.  On a relatively high carbohydrate eating plan, your body will choose to store fat as fat (and also carbohydrate as fat), and fat is not your friend.  (Read all of chapter 4 of “The New Atkins for a New You” for a good discussion of this essential point about low carb eating plans).

This fact is one of the harder things to wrap your mind around when thinking about what foods to offer your children.  In our case, Juliana was so habituated to NOT eating fat, that she trims all the fat off of pork chops or steak or chicken because she doesn’t like the taste.  We have to add fat back to her meal, by pouring olive oil on broccoli, for instance.

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