Maybe if I cook healthier food?

I went to elaborate lengths to prepare healthy food. I cooked breakfast every morning–no cold cereal. Whole wheat French toast, whole wheat pancakes, oatmeal, broccoli omelets. I packed healthy lunches every day. Juliana’s staple lunch was whole wheat pasta with carrots and chicken sausage. She would have a sweet potato, or a banana or beets for a snack. Sometimes with popcorn or applesauce. I tried the Jessica Seinfeld method of reducing calories by mixing starches like whole wheat couscous or quinoa with puréed yellow squash or cauliflower. I made pizza from scratch, with whole wheat dough and minimal cheese.

I packed, and packed, and packed, food on the go.  We have a busy life, and the kids have lots of activities.  My kids regularly eat in the car.  Packing food is a lot of work, and I would have loved to have “healthy” choices to pick up on the road–but there weren’t any.  Nonetheless, Juliana remained overweight.

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